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About The Founder

About The Founder

The founder and CEO is Toe Toe and his professional life in the tourism industry started eight years ago. He initially worked as a waiter and bar tender in several locations and then moved on to become a guest relations officer and night manager. After four years, while working as a waiter, he met his wife Khine aka Khine Myo Thwe. They worked together for two years in the same hotel. She then attended an accounting course and proceeded to get a Diploma at a British school. Khine worked as a pharmaceutical accountant for several years before deciding to join the Jolly Myanmar Travel and Tours Agency.

As for Toe Toe, he continued working in the hotel business for several years and then seized the opportunity to attend a course by the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism to become a licensed guide.

Having worked as a licensed guide for some time his wife and he decided to establish their own local agency when their daughter, Little sweet pea, Chue Chue was born. Khine and he, they both love to do guiding tours through their country and they have the aspiration to make their clients' trip to Myanmar memorable, enjoyable and extraordinary. Moreover, they are dedicated to offer their clients fast responses with detailed information.

They promise safety as well as good value for your money. Khine and he work together in their office in Mandalay. Opening this agency is a big adventure for them and for their Little sweet pea. They are really excited to start this challenge with you.